On-going personal project, 2016 → ...

Comfort Zone is a personal poster painting project. Since 2016, the artist has represented subjects dear to him for personal reasons. The subjects outlined in neutral color come out of the background in search of an almost signaling language. This series explores the artist’s imagination, sedimenting themes already explored and finding new ones.

︎“Red Tiger” Acrilyc on wrapping paper 2018 / “Self-Portrait G Pose” Acrilyc on paper 2018

“Ash tray” Acrilyc on wrapping paper, 2016

“Young Hunter” Acrilic on Fabriano paper,2019 “Crazy man” Acrilyc on wrapping paper, 2016

“Blue Tiger” Acrilyc on wrapping paper, 2016

“Good Boy” Acrilic on Fabriano paper,2019

Photo Credits 
Oliviero Fiorenzi

All images copyright and courtesy of the artist