Duo show - Oliviero Fiorenzi + Yoan Mudry, curated by Giada Olivotto and Gianmaria Zanda.
Sonnenstube Offspace, Lugano 2019 - 2020

“Do you wanna B MW GT” Oliviero Fiorenzi 2019, installation View 01

CRASH TEST is the last exhibition of the annual residence of Sonnenstube at the Morel space. The twelfth event of 2019 dedicated to young contemporary art entitled CRASH TEST will give the public the opportunity to explore Morel. The building, abandoned since the 1980s, will be the protagonist of a work by Oliviero Fiorenzi and Yoan Mudry. The two artists decided to reactivate one of the building’s characteristics, that of being seen from the inside of a car. Ready for a ride?

// Attention, please! The exhibition will require the participation of spectators.

“Do you wanna B MW GT” Oliviero Fiorenzi 2019, installation View 02

Like Falstaff, CRASH TEST alienates its visitors, who, despite being fond of our program, are reached for the first time by unexpected sounds, unfamiliar noises, creaks and whistles never heard before in this space. The Morel building, a former garage abandoned since the 1980s, hosts the performance of the two artists. The building dresses up with some of its own authentic sounds: those of the engines. Breaking the stereotype of the exhibition, down by the big window and/or up on the 4th floor, the two artists invite the viewer to participate in a performance that involves the building in its entirety, feeding from its main characteristic: built to be experienced by machines. Its ramps too steep to be walked, its hangars too large to be heated and its parking spaces now vacant are revealed by an architectural safari. The involvement of several elements in the construction of the exhibition made it necessary to introduce and divide its path into several passages, for this reason it was decided to return the structure of this exhibition through an Opera’s libretto.

“The Bar” Intallation view 01

“The Bar” Intallation view 02

CRASH TEST is a Goofy car-drama in three-acts, a work conceived in three acts that is realized along a path -each of which sees the participation of different characters- objects and places. The Opera repeats itself constantly creating a show that will end when the extras are tired of going through the tour.

One day act 01

One day act 02

One day act 03

One day act 04

One day act 05

One day act 06

One day act 07

One day act 08

One day act 09

One day act 10

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@Sandro Pianetti
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