S / S / P

Duo show - Oliviero Fiorenzi + Roberto Alfano
The Adress Gallery, Brescia 2020

Left “A to B” right “TX”

The province hides behind the betrayals of the beauty of things and the pleasures of the eyes. The green valleys, the lakes and rivers, the plains and the hilly bustles with their habits, their festivals and fairs, the saints and the Virgin Maries, all of this have given way to a mixture where signs and signals are blurred among the peripheral and rural territories, vulgarize –which, as history demands, is a translation into known languages– and blend into the contradictory images that suits the province. Although silences or the chirping of cicadas heard close to the dumps or nearby the logistic districts can give coarse memories of some kind of gaieties, the province has always lived its historical bovarism: to stay where one is, dreaming the beyond of the territory, past the natural and mental landscapes, and to reproduce its own spaces, with its own dreams and nightmares which characterize the eternal “isolation” of these places.

Exhibition view 01

Exhibition view 02

“Dog Target Shot”                          “Cowboy target shot”

Segnali installation view 01

Segnali installation view 02

Segnali detail

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