Personal project, 2019
Theorical and practical research.

“Numana” 2019

“You hear the noise of thoughts in this work by Fiorenzi, the noise that thoughts make in search of an exemplary image of clarity like that of a signal. As logic tries to resolve an ambiguity in speech, so the signal tries in vain to resolve an ambiguity in the image. We thus realize that the only way to be adherent to an image, without disturbing its movement towards a steadfastness, is to follow it, so in this work it starts with a nourished and well-conducted historical nod accompanied by cheerful and colorful graphics we reach a point where the buoy is identified as an element that can embody life and our relationship with an image, its mutations and its way of making us work. “

Massimo Bartolini

“Numana” 2019

The project, through the use of the maritime signal as a support and tool, investigates the sea as an unprecedented exhibition space. The signal object becomes a display for the artist’s personal sign code.The works have been documented photographically in the Adriatic Sea between the beaches of Pesaro and Numana.


︎ The following pages are token from the book Segnali

“Pesaro” 2019                       “Pesaro” 2019

“Numana” 2019

“Numana 2019” 

Photography: Oliviero Fiorenzi
All images copyright and courtesy of the artist